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Author Tsh Oxenreider podcasted for many years, chatting with friends and guests about what it looked like in their life to simplify in all sorts of categories. In some iteration, this podcast lived from 2011 to 2019.

You can find the episodes from roughly mid-2018 to the end below — and check out Tsh's current podcast, A Drink With a Friend!

Oct 9, 2017

You'd think there wouldn't be much to talk about when it comes to cleaning—we all have to do it, end of story. But really, it's much more do-able, efficient, and maybe even enjoyable (? okay, not so much) when we do what works for us, not what we "should" do.

Kendra and Tsh talk about cleaning: how they do it, how they don't do it, and things they've learned that work for them. Plus, Kendra talks about her genius idea for cleaning and decluttering a super-smart way: The Swap!

Be encouraged that there's no one right way to clean—but there is a right way for you.

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