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Author Tsh Oxenreider podcasted for many years, chatting with friends and guests about what it looked like in their life to simplify in all sorts of categories. In some iteration, this podcast lived from 2011 to 2019.

You can find the episodes from roughly mid-2018 to the end below — and check out Tsh's current podcast, A Drink With a Friend!

Nov 29, 2018

Remember our “What’s Saving My Life” series? We’re still doing them — but now we’re calling them “My Good List.” (Same concept, clearer name.)

In this episode, I’m chatting with Christine Bailey — remember her? She’s the farmer I spoke with in episode 140, where she shared her story about...

Nov 27, 2018

What’s an Urban Forester, you say? It’s really cool: Georgia Seamans basically helps oversee the ecology of the nature in city parks — and in this case, it’s a fairly major park in New York City. Who would’ve guessed you could live in one of the biggest concrete jungles in the world and be a forester?

I really...

Nov 15, 2018

In Part 1, we kicked off the series with a broad brushstroke intro to the liturgical calendar, along with a quick back-story of our faith and where we are now. In Part 2, we got into Lent, Eastertide, Ordinary Time, and a few other things.

For this final part, we’re covering Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Candlemas, and...

Nov 13, 2018

Liz Bohannon is the founder of Sseko Designs, a company that designs and sells footwear, accessories, bags, and more — but it’s not just a basic retail model.

It’s a fashion brand based in Uganda, and Liz founded it as a way to generate income for high potential, talented young women in Uganda to continue on to...

Nov 7, 2018

In this Part 2 of our series on the liturgical calendar, we get into the specifics of the calendar that don’t involve Advent, Christmas, or Epiphany (because we’re going to get into those in Part 3). In this one, we’re diving into Lent, Eastertide, Ordinary Time, and a few other things.

(In Part 1, we kicked off...